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Planning Commission

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- Draft Cabot Town Plan Land Use rev 05/31/2016
- Draft Cabot Town Plan Natural Heritage 05/31/2016
- Draft Cabot Town Plan 10. Community Facilities 8/10/2016

The Planning Commission meets the 1st Thursday of every month and is authorized to carry out the following duties under 24 VSA §4325:

- Prepare a plan for consideration by the legislative body and to review any amendments
- Prepare and present to the legislative body proposed bylaws and make recommendations to the legislative body on proposed amendments to such bylaws
- Undertake capacity studies and make recommendations on matters of land development, urban renewal, transportation, economic and social development, urban beautification and design improvements, historic and scenic preservation, the conservation of energy and the development of renewable energy resources and wetland protection.  
- Prepare and present to the legislative body recommended building, plumbing, fire, electrical, housing, and related codes and enforcement procedures, and construction specifications for streets and related public improvements.
- Prepare and present a recommended capital budget and program for a period of five years
- Undertake comprehensive planning, including related preliminary planning and engineering studies

Additional Information

Current Zoning Regulations
2009 Floodplain Map (14Mb)
VT Shoreline Protection Act

River Corridor Maps -
- Cabot Center
- North Cabot
- South Cabot

Planning Commission Meeting MInutes


Commission Members
Charles Marian, Chair
Kate Chatot
Richard Aronson
Dawn Andrews
Jon Raynor


Cabot Town Plan

A Town Plan identifies goals and strategies for maintaining, improving, and developing a livable community. Although Cabot is not required to adopt a Town Plan, doing so affords it a voice in the way the town grows and develops. An approved Town Plan enables the citizens of Cabot to have a legal say over both private and State land use decisions in the Town. State statutes grant the plan great weight in determining whether development projects subject to Act 250 are approved, and the conditions applied to approval.

Town Plan - June 2012 (by section)
Table of Contents
1 - Introduction
2 - Natural Heritage
3 - Historic Resources
4 - Housing and Population
5 - Land Use
6 - Energy
7 - Economic Development
8 - Transportation
9 - Community Facilities

App. A - Agricultural Survey Summary
App. A - Cabot Community Planning Survey
App. A - Visioning Meeting Summary
App. B2 - Natural Resources
App. B3 - Natural Resources 11x17
App. B4 - Transportation & Utilities
App. B5 - Housing Resources
App. B6 - Zoning
App. B7 - Future Land Use Map
App. B8 - Build Out Map 1
App. B9 - Build Out Map 2
App. B - Build Out Map 3
App. B - Cabot Village Sampling
App. B - Land Use Maps
App. C - Cabot Build Out & Village Sampling Report 2011

Regional Planning Commission
29 Main Street, Suite 4
Montpelier, VT 05602

Phone: 802-229-0389
Fax: 802-223-1977
Email: cvrpc@cvregion.com

Cabot Historical Society
Cabot School
Cabot Student Performing Arts Center
Front Porch Forum
Joe's Pond Association
Heart of Vermont Chamber of Commerce
Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
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