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Melvin Churchill, Chair
Cedric Alexander
Deb Bothfeld
Gwen Hallsmith
Angela Ward

Email: cabotcemetery@outlook.com

Cabot has seven formal cemeteries.  Until 1799, when land was set aside for our first cemetery, settlers laid their loved ones to rest at home.  Over the years, most burials have taken place in cemeteries, but it is not unusual or illegal for a home burial to take place in Vermont, and cremation is being used more than it used to be, so ashes are scattered, often with no official record having been made.

Additional information, directions and maps to assist in locating burial sites in each cemetery may be found at the Cabot Historical Society website.

Existing Cemeteries
Center – 1799 – 1846 (inactive)
Kimball – 1814 (moved)
Durant – 1817 (active)
West Hill – 1817 (active)
Village – 1820 (active)
Cabot Plains – 1825 (active)
South – 1834 (active)
East – 1847 (active)

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