Flood Insurance

On March 19, 2013 the new Washington County Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map will become effective.  Cabot residents effected by the map changes were originally notified in 2009 and the map has been available in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Before that date five public meetings have been scheduled around the county to help address any questions that home owners may have about flood insurance.  Residents of structures that have been identified for the first time as being at a high risk of damage by flooding may benefit by getting flood insurance now before the official map changes go into effect.

In some places the boundaries of the flood hazard area have changed.  Where the flood hazard area is more extensive, flood insurance is available for residential structures as a low cost “Preferred Risk Policy” (PRP).  After the map change the PRP can be renewed twice before the insurance increases step-wise to the full cost. More information is available online at vtfpm.blogspot.com

In Vermont in a high risk flood hazard area an average flood insurance policy currently costs around $1,400 per year for $170,000 in coverage.  Under the new DFIRM it is estimated that around 200 structures will be identified for the first time as being in the high risk zone.  Approximately 500 structures will no longer fall into a high risk area.  Flood insurance is available to any structure in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, which includes Cabot.

Additional Information

For more information on flood insurance contact the agent that manages your homeowner’s insurance

– Vermont Floodplain Management

– Flood Ready Vermont