Eclipse Planning in Cabot

Hello Neighbors – You are likely aware that an exciting once-in-a-lifetime celestial event will roll over Cabot on the afternoon on Monday April 8th when we experience a total eclipse of the sun at 3:26 PM. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, the Town Clerk’s Office, and members of the Selectboard will be posting planning information and Eclipse reminders for the community here, on Cabot Connects, and on Front Porch Forum.

Overview and general information

The Eclipse event is projected to begin around 2PM and last until about 4:30PM. The State website and central resource for Eclipse information is linked below, but as a community we are also making some plans and preparations for what we expect will be enhanced levels of tourism. While it is true that it may rain – in which case much of this planning will constitute a ‘nothing burger’- if we see the kind of gorgeous clear skies like we have had the last couple of days, it is likely that we will have visitors. Possibly a lot of visitors. The VT Agency of Transportation is currently planning for 160,000 day-trippers traveling into the ‘path of totality’ (this includes Cabot) in addition to the thousands of folks who have already made plans and secured bookings to come stay in Vermont for a few days over the Eclipse.

More detail and more topics to follow, but Cabot residents, please start thinking about the following:

  • The general State recommendation for Vermonters is to stay home; with the potential of many thousands of visitors on the road on April 8th , traffic congestion is likely, particularly on State highways.
  • For Cabot landowners with a particular ‘view shed’ that may attract visitors (Cabot Plains, Bothfeld Hill, Mack Mountain Road, Ducharme Road, Coits Pond Road, etc.) please consider putting up visible signage to help people understand where they can (and cannot) park and/or visit. A reminder that parking is legal on any public roadway provided that safe passage for traffic and emergency vehicles is possible. The Selectboard will be requesting that our Constables and Washington County Sheriff make themselves available from 11-5PM on the afternoon of April 8th for ‘drive throughs’ of potentially congested areas, but no patrolling of private land will be possible.
  • The Road Crew and the Town of Cabot will close three roads to public access from midday on Sunday April 7th through the morning of Tuesday April 9th (residents and emergency vehicles are welcome to pass!). Those roads include: Coit’s Pond Road from the intersection or Houston Hill to the Woodbury line, the Bayley Hazen Road between 215 and Cabot Plains, and Last Road between Danville Hill and Rt 2. These closures are to prevent visitors from getting stuck if they use these stretches as cut-throughs to ‘view sheds’. Please note that Nichols Ledge is closed for peregrine nesting season.

We are pleased and proud to welcome visitors to our community and are excited to recognize this magnificent event, but we also seek to raise awareness and put some basic plans in place for the safety and comfort of all. More information to follow in the days to come.

Thank you, In Community – Mike, Fred, Skip, RD, Karen

State Eclipse Website: