Post Flood Update from Zoning Administrator

Cabot Community, 

It has been just over 2 weeks since the historic flooding in our community and state. While I know many of us are still cleaning up from the flooding there are several things to be aware of: I have included two charts to help you in navigating this process.  Those of you who sustained damage to your homes, please get into contact with me before any repairs are started. Cleaning and mucking out are not considered repairs and there are still some that are mucking out. Foundation repairs, structural repairs and any fill brought into those parcels that are within the flood plain need permits or may not even be permissible. I Realize that some of you who have damage from flooding are not in the flood plain, I am in contact with the state about these issues and what our community and residents do moving forward. Please get in contact with me as well. Please reference our Flood Hazard Regulations on-line as well as our Zoning Regulations on-line. 

Thank you, 

Brittany Butler-ZA 
802-563-2041 or (802)-793-4534