E-911 Addresses

Requests for new E-911 address can be made to the Cabot Town Clerk’s office. When calling, please have available the distance (in feet) from the center of your permitted driveway to the center of your closest neighbor’s driveway (it doesn’t matter on which side of the street the neighbor lives) and the identity or E-911 address of the neighbor. If you have yet to establish a driveway, a driveway permit will be approved by the Road Commissioner prior to the issuance of an E-911 address.

The E-911 System is only as good as the information or data behind it. Without your ongoing efforts, the system can not work as designed. We need your assistance in maintaining the most accurate information possible.

Municipalities are required by law (30 V.S.A. §7056 (a)) to maintain the following:

  • Municipal 911 Coordinator – appointed by the Select Board – to be a liaison to the Enhanced 911 Board on all database and mapping maintenance issues.
  • Municipal address system – increment, odd/even, direction of numbering, road naming.
  • Municipal 911 atlas – submit to the Board map updates for any changes to sites and/or roads as they occur.
  • Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) database.
  • Emergency Service Zone (ESZ) database and associated emergency service provider information.

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Enhanced 911 Board
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