The Board of Listers appraise property within the Town for the purpose of property tax assessment, maintain the Grand List, and assist the public to find information on land parcels.

Permits for new construction and modifications to existing structures are issued by the zoning administrator. The fee for building permits is $60.00. It is recommended that you apply at least 15 days prior to construction for a permit as permits are not valid until after the 15 day appeal period has expired.


Persons who wish to appeal a building permit decision by the zoning officer, request a variance, conditional permit or waiver, need to apply to the Development Review Board. Appeals must be requested in writing within 15 days of the issuing of the zoning officer’s decision. The fee is $125.00.

Property owners who disagree with the listers’ property value appraisals are entitled to a hearing before the listers. If they are not satisfied with the decision following that hearing, they may appeal to the Board of Civil Authority. The appeal must be made in writing, stating the grounds for such appeal, and must be lodged with the town clerk, who shall record it and call a meeting of the board of civil authority to hear the appeal. Additional information on appeal property values can be found in the VT Handbook on Property Tax Appeals.

Persons requesting an abatement of property taxes must appeal to the Board of Abatement.

Current Use / Land Use

Vermont’s Agricultural and Managed Forest Land Use Value Program — better known as the Current Use Program — was created in the late 1970’s as a companion to legislation that required towns to list property at 100 percent of fair market value. Because of escalating land values, it was clear that property taxes based on fair market value were placing a heavy property tax burden on owners of productive farm and forest lands. The Current Use Program offers landowners use value property taxation based on the productive value of land rather than based on the traditional “highest and best” use of the land.

When land is enrolled in the UVA program, the State attaches a permanent lien to the deed. Land appraised under this program receives this assessment as long as it is enrolled, unless the landowner decides to withdraw the land from the program, the legislature ends the program, or the parcel is discontinued by the Division of Property Valuation & Review. If enrolled land is developed or harvested improperly, a land use change tax is levied on the developed portion and all or a portion will be discontinued from UVA. The tax is 20 percent of the fair market value of a property, or, in the case of the sale of part of a property, a pro rata share of the fair market value of the entire property.

The program is administered by the Vermont Department of Taxes.

Meeting Minutes

Board of Listers:

Jeanne Johnson, Chair

Jacqueline Lumbra

Brittany Butler

Phone: 802-563-3139
Fax: 802-563-2423
Email: [email protected]

Additional Documents:
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Driveway Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application
Zoning Regulations – Amended 04/05/19

Additional Information:
Handbook on Property Tax Appeals
Roles and Responsibilities of Local Officials
Zoning Regulations – Amended 04/05/19