Development Review Board

Persons who wish to appeal a building permit decision by the zoning administrator, request a variance, conditional permit or site plan review, need to apply to the Development Review Board (DRB) who must review and approve these applications at a public hearing prior to approval by the zoning administrator. Permit applications are available on the Town web site and at the Town Clerk’s office. The fee for a development review board hearing is $125.00.


Appeal of a permit or decision by the Zoning Administrator or the DRB must be requested in writing to the Zoning Administrator within 15 days of the issuing of the Zoning Administrator’s decision or findings of the DRB.

The Development review board meets as needed, public hearings require a 15 day notice period prior to the hearing and the board has 45 days to issue findings after testimony is closed on an application.

Audio Recordings
Meeting Minutes

DRB Members

Brad Alexander
Susan Carpenter
Larry Gochey
Stephen Hogan
Amy Hornblas, Chair
Jeanne Johnson
Jenn Miner, Vice Chair
Betty Ritter, Secretary