Town Officers

Information may become out of date.
Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office, if you believe there are errors.

ModeratorJeanne Johnson2024
Town ClerkBetty Ritter2026
Assistant Town Clerk & TreasurerMichelle LeclercNon-Term
Town TreasurerBetty Ritter2026
Collector of Lease Land RentalsBetty Ritter2026
SelectpersonsMichael Hogan, Chair2024
Fred Ducharme, Vice Chair2026
R.D. Eno, Clerk2025
Walter (Skip) Bothfeld, Jr.2024
Karen Larsen2025
ListersBrittany Butler2026
Jeanne Johnson2025
Jacqueline Lumbra2026
Delinquent Tax CollectorSusan Carpenter2024
Grand JurorDave Pike2024
Cemetery CommissionersDeb Bothfeld2025
Ruth Goodrich2026
Angela Ward2025
Melvin Churchill, Chair2024
Cedric Alexander2025
School DirectorsChris Tormey, Vice Chair2025
Rory Thibault, Chair2025
Frank Kampf2024
Ellen Cairns2026
Jason Monaco2024
Library TrusteesErin Ruddell2026
Kurt Steinert2024
Angela Ogle2026
Grace Hoffman2025
Niall McCallum2025
Recreation CommitteeMary SaggersonNon-term
Cameron North, Vice ChairNon-term
Jessica North, CoordinatorNon-term
Stefanie Burtt, ChairNon-term
Brock Miller, TreasurerNon-term
Brandy Goodrich, SecretaryNon-term
Shannon SmithNon-term
CCIF CommitteeGreg Burtt, Chair (Appointed by Selectboard)
Chris Tormey, Vice Chair (Appointed by School Board)
Melvin Churchill – 2025
Jack Daniels (Appointed by Selectboard)
Jason Monaco2026
Alex Underwood2024
Willey Building CommitteeFred Ducharme2024
Brad Alexander2026
Paul Wade2025
 Dana Robinson (Appointed by Selectboard)
 Dan Dunham  (Appointed by Library)
Appointed by Selectboard
Water Wastewater AdministratorCabot Town Clerk/Treasurer
Pound KeeperCheryl McQueeney
Animal/Dog Control OfficerRuth Goodrich & Cheryl McQueeney
Fence ViewersGlenn GoodrichDavid Pike
Inspector – Coal, Wood, Lumber, ShinglesAnson Tebbetts
Tree WardenRoland Payne, Jr
Fire WardenAndrew Luce5-year term – March, 2027
Health OfficerJenn Miner3-year term – Oct., 2024
Town Energy CoordinatorMichael Socks
Zoning AdministratorBrittany Butler3 year term – July, 2025
Planning Commission
(7 members – 3 year terms)Dawn Andrews2024
Brittany Butler2026
Kate Chatot2024
Glenn Goodrich2026
Peg Elmer Hough2026
Jenn Miner, Chair2026
Bobby Searles, Vice Chair2026
Betty Ritter, Secretarynon-term
Development Review Board
(7 members – 3 year terms)Brad Alexander2025
Susan Carpenter2026
Larry Gochey2026
Stephen Hogan2026
Jeanne Johnson2024
Jenn Miner, Vice Chair2025
Amy Hornblas, Chair2025
Betty Ritter, Secretarynon-term
Conservation CommitteeGary GulkaCedric Alexander
Chris Duff
Roland Payne, JrDawn Andrews
Master of ColorsBill Wheeler
Road CommissionerSidney Griggs
Town AttorneyTarrant, Gillies & Shem
District RepresentativeRepresentative Henry Pearl
Regional Planning Committee RepresentativeBrittany Butler
Emergency Management CoordinatorJenn Miner
NewspaperBarre Times Argus & Caledonian-RecordCabot Chronicle
NEKWMD RepresentativeBetty Ritter
NEKWMD Rep. Alt.RD Eno