Cabot Property Owners – Change of Appraisal Notices Mailed

Every Cabot property owner should receive a Change of Appraisal Notice, identifying the change in Fair Market Value developed from the statistical reappraisal for 2024.  They were mailed Tuesday (May 7) from the Marshfield Post Office.

Because we’ve heard some Marshfield addresses are not receiving mail, Listers are concerned residents with a Marshfield address may not receive their notice in a timely fashion.  That is particularly important since May 20 is the deadline for grievance.  And our appraiser is available May 13 for informal discussions with owners about the process and individual values.

If any property owner does not receive their notice by next week, Cabot Listers encourage them to contact our office ([email protected] or 802-563-3139) to request your notice be emailed to you, perhaps along with an updated Lister card.  A grievance form will be available on the website, or we can email it to you.

It’s not quite ready yet, but the entire list of Cabot value changes will be posted on the Town website ( shortly, and you can sign up on the website now to be notified when it becomes available.

FYI:  Property sales over the past three years have so impacted Fair Market Value that Cabot’s Grand List has increased by 55%.  With this statistical reappraisal, we hope to move Cabot’s CLA from 68.87% of Fair Market Value to as close to 100% as possible.  This will benefit property owners because the Town will receive more money from the State in Current Use Hold Harmless payments and from Utilities in property taxes.   Additionally, while property owners will be paying taxes on a higher value than last year, a higher homestead value will benefit residents who qualify for the property tax credit, with some people qualifying who previously fell short.