Our current zoning regulations require permits for a wide variety of activities. Any site development, construction, additions to a structure, new structures or structural modifications require the filing of a Town Zoning Permit. This covers all structures of any size and development. Changes of use also require permits for zoning as they are considered new development. The specific requirements are listed in the Town Zoning Regulations by district.

Agricultural projects are not required to submit the application fee but must submit the zoning application to the Town and follow the zoning requirements. Agricultural buildings are exempt from many of the height requirements but still need to comply with structural setbacks. These projects must also qualify as agricultural use under state agricultural standards.  Zoning Permit Application are available on the Town web site and at the Town Clerk’s office. The fee for a zoning permit is $60.00.

Zoning Permits are issued by the Zoning Administrator. It is recommended that you apply at least 30 days prior to construction for a permit as permits are not valid until approved and after the 15 day appeal period has expired.

Development Review Board
Persons who wish to appeal a building permit decision by the zoning administrator, request a variance, conditional permit or site plan review, need to apply to the Development Review Board (DRB) who must review and approve these applications at a public hearing prior to approval by the zoning administrator. Permit applications are available on the Town web site and at the Town Clerk’s office. The fee for a development review board hearing is $125.00.

The Development review board meets as needed, public hearings require a 15 day notice period prior to the hearing and the board has 45 days to issue findings after testimony is closed on an application.


Appeal of a permit or decision by the Zoning Administrator or the DRB must be requested in writing to the Zoning Administrator within 15 days of the issuing of the Zoning Administrator’s decision or findings of the DRB.


Additional Information

Zoning Permit Application
Driveway Permit Application
DRB Application

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