Youth Intern Position – Cabot Selectboard

Overview: Are you a young person who wants to learn how the Town of Cabot serves its residents and visitors? Do you want to help your community by supporting the work of Selectboard? We are looking for a Youth Intern (or two!) to join us. You will be researching the information which will assist in decision making, helping us to document our work and share it with the community, as well as engaging in special projects of your choosing. 

Job description: The Selectboard Youth Intern will support the work of the Town of Cabot Selectboard by: 

  • Attending all Selectboard Meeting as a non-voting invited Youth Intern 
  • Assisting Town Clerk Betty Ritter in capturing, proofreading, and submitting Meeting Minutes for Selectboard and Community review. 
  • Assisting the Selectboard in capturing future topics for discussion and suggestions for action steps with particular focus on the ‘Public Comment’ part of each Meeting. 
  • Working with a rotating Selectboard Mentor to build and prioritize a ‘scope of work’ which may include research, communications assistance, materials development and organization, etc. 

Expected time commitment: 3-5 hours/week 

  • Mandatory attendance at all Selectboard hosted public meetings 
  • flexible engagement otherwise 

Mentoring: although you will be working with the full Cabot Selectboard and Town Clerk, you will have a rotating Selectboard Mentor (every three months) who will help to guide your work. 

Please submit a letter of application, via Town Clerk Betty Ritter: [email protected], to the Cabot Selectboard by Friday May 10th addressing the following questions: 

  • Why do you want to be a Selectboard Youth Intern? 
  • What are two topics that you hope to work on? Please explain why these topics interest you. 
  • What are the skills or strengths that you can bring to this position? 
  • Your Selectboard Mentor will rotate every three months, but please choose the Selectboard Member with whom you would like to begin your work. 

Please also submit names and contact information for two references who know you well. 

We encourage prospective Selectboard Youth Interns to attend all Selectboard Meetings between now and May 10th to get a sense of the variety and exciting nature of the many projects and initiatives that we are working on. 

We look forward to hearing from you; thank you for your interest is serving the Town of Cabot as a Selectboard Youth Intern! 

In Community, the Cabot Selectboard: 

  • Mike Hogan, Chair 
  • Fred Ducharme, Vice Chair 
  • Walter ‘Skip’ Bothfeld 
  • RD Eno 
  • Karen Larsen